HVSupply 2kW/20kV/100mA
HVSupply 2kW/20kV/100mA

 CO2 Laser Supply ; HV Current Driver; HV Voltage Driver ; 20kV Supply , Gas Discharge Driver :

The modular solution for CO2 Lasers with very high power:

CO2-Lasersupply , Single Channel , 35kVp 20kV-100mA

pulsable ,watercooled ,400VACIN.

Weight :8kg ,size appr 230x200x300mm , so easy to ship, easy to mount , 4 units fit in1  19"Chassis or stand alone..

It can replace old type supplies with any quantity of Discharge Channels


Application:CO2Laser, HVCharging , HV for any purpose.

Piezo Charge Recovering Amplifier
Piezo Charge Recovering Amplifier

 The choice of a 1000V-7A Amplifier / Piezo Amplifier :

1000V Amplifiers are devided in two choices : Linear (LE) or Recharging (RCV). Of course both have their advantages and disadvantages :


The linear 1000V -1A Amplifier type needs semiconductors ,able to change the resistance to operate from 0 to 1000V under  the full level of output-current , : so 1000V with 1A  means a lot of (pulsed ) power (UxI), so this power has to get absorbed by ..heatsinks and fans , even with relatively low currents. The advantage of the linear 1000V Piezo Amplifier is a good low noise behaviour , also bandwith and phaselag  can get adapted to smaller piezos.


The Recharging 1000V 7A Amplifier works in switched mode , this means much less powerloss (appr. n=10..20%).

So its possible to build rather big recharging 1000V Amplifiers in the same housing like  a linear 1000V Amplifier

but 7 times bigger in current  (linear Amplifiers  1A 1000V; recharging Amplifier 7A 1000V).

So the Recharging 1000V Piezo Amplifier is good to drive big piezos and capacitive loads in the range of 1  and  20uF , with a good bandwith  for this range of load. The maximum power is up to 10kW  for a time reasonable limited (1...2 SEKONDS)

Piezo Charge Recover Amplifier
Piezo Charge Recover Amplifier

 High Power Piezo Driver; HV Amplifier; 1000V -7A Amplifier, Recharging  Amplifier:

This is a rare to find 1000V (500V,200V) recharging  piezo amplifier at the competitors:

Piezo Driver  for high power demands , optional with 1050+ and 200V- , or +/-500V.

I maxpeak >7A,Sinus peak continuously , not only for some milliseconds

Bandwith >1kHz .Charge Recovery : I-line consumption < 3A at full load.

Line voltage 240VAC , or 110VAC.

Other versions : 500V/15A.

Adaption to the application is necessary and possible  to reduce noise and power if needed.


Piezo Verstärker , analog , 1000Vmax ; New: 600Vpp 22kHz in 50nF
Piezo Amplifier , linear 1000Vmax ;New: 600Vpp 22kHz in 50nF

Linear Amplifier 1000V -1A; HV Amplifier ; Piezo Driver HV ;Linear Piezo Amplifier Type PAV LE1 and PAV LE2

For lower currents and voltages <1000V a linear piezo amplifier is a good choice to drive piezos.


  New  design 2017!!!:

 Type PAV LE1:

  • 1000V -350mA   ...>8kHz BW
  • 100V- 4A              ...>8kHz BW
Type PAV LE2:
  • 1000V -1Ap;        ...>8kHz BW.
  • 300Vmax- 5Ap    ...>8kHz BW
  • New: 22kHz600Vpp in 50nF !

Shortage proofed , wide safe operating area (SOA)

no limitation of current versus time (reasonable limited)

good reliability , low noise, good thermal behaviour.

110/240V Operation


It is possible to adapt it  to 200V  , 500V and 800V piezos

Piezo Amplifier , Linear , 200V-5A  or 500V-2A, (800V-1,0A)

Bandwith 200V-5A type : 4uF 1700Hz , 2uF >3kHz.

LE1000-35  replacement (Piezomechanik)  1000V 350mA  and more ...

Piezo Pulse Driver for any current and voltage value :

200V, 500V , 1000V  and 20A......400A  loading and discharging , or only loading with nominal current and discharging with much lower current , pulse width limited  (1usec ......Xmsec.) .

Plasmagenerator PG...
Plasmagenerator PG...

 Plasma Generator ; HV AC Generator ;


This  generator drives plasma-reactors /biochemical, atmospheric ..

AC Plasmagenerator , 50kHz, option 15....60kHz up to 15kV peak, 30mA ( ....800W)


Plasmagenerator PG48...
Plasmagenerator PG48...


Safe Plasmagenerator 48V-500W ...4...5kV peak 50kHz and other values (DC or AC up to 40kV)

It works from 48V , the transformer at the right side, can get placed very near to the reactor, so the safety requirements are reduced to the transformer /reactor .No matchbox required , no cable problems , with a shielded reactor: no EMC problems.

Option :Open frame version, lower cost .

This Generator can get easily adapted to different demands , only the transformer-box destincts the output voltage ,

AC or DC....


 Glow Discharge Driver ;  HV- DC Generator ;

  GD (Glow Discharge):

Glow discharge Generator 1200V DC  100mA , Interface , U-,I-Controll , Arc-detector,stable

This module drives a stable voltage  into a glow discharge  with an ignition voltage under 1200V.

If the conditions in the discharge changes , the current rises up to an external adjustable value , so its voltage- and

current- controlled .It works with 240V and 110V AC.

Application :spectral analysis of the glow discharge zone on the surface of conductive material.

SG1200 Application
SG1200 Application



  Service/Modifikation/Update :

This picture  shows a glow discharge spectrum analyser (Swiss Product , 1980) , updated with SG1200, it replaces  the old fashioned (but good) tube generator to assure future functionality to save this reliable equipment.


Universities : Sheffield(GB), Ghent(BE) ,Corpus Christi (Texas),Darmstadt(GE);

Companies : HORIBA(FR),HACO,ELAS(BE),SpectralSystems(GE),Heraeus(GE),

PIEZOMECHANIK(GE) and other projects  in combination with Piezos:BMW,EADS,BOSCH,CERAMTEC,FH-LBF,FH-ISYS.

FUN !!!!:Music Arc ,no loudspeaker anywhere