Entwicklung und Produktion spezieller Leistungselektronik zu Ansteuerung von Lasern , Piezos ,Plasmageneratoren, gepulst , AC und DC, getaktet und analog .


Development of special  powerelectronics to drive piezo actors , pulsed , linear , or recharged  , HV Lasersupplies up to 10...20kW  and plasmagenerators .


Developed by BAY, to buy ,to service and to update  :


RCV1000-7, RCV1000-3 , LE1000-035, LE1000-1, HVP1000-10 ....200.


News 2022:


  • RCV: PRCV1000-XX , noise reduced , high dynamic , quiet !
  • HVP PPG1000-Var :wide range continuous adjustable rise and falltimes ,for  optimized applications with different actors in the lab
  • HVP1000-100W  , power increased
  • small linear amplifiers -45...+180V 100mA ....300mA
  • LEBIB500 Linear Amplifier -200V..+500 , 400W
  • (LE1000 ..2...4A  , high dynamic , 30kHz ),


Update and replacement of obsolete or hardly to repair HV Powersupplies:

(Rofin ,Baasel,(BL28),BL32,BL34,BL35,BL500,VFA1200,VFA1800,WB-Triagon,and  Slowflows-CO2-Laser)


Noise PRCV1000-XX
The noise of the PRCV1000-XX , measured for several DC Modulation IN Signals , load 5uF.
The signals show the switching frequency , the low frequency noise in the hearable range is very low for a big recharging amplifier .
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 186.6 KB
Linear 600Vpp 22kHz 47nF
sample printout LE1000- 1L
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 186.6 KB

FUN !!!!:Music Arc ,no loudspeaker anywhere